Snapchat, for Idiots.

If you haven’t figured out how to use Snapchat filters by now – let me tell you something – you are missing out. In an instant, you can be transformed into a picturesque MayBelline Model, a contorted blockhead, or – if you feel so inclined – swap your face with a friend.

If you haven’t personally experienced the thrill of a total transformation, you’re definitely missing out.

Top ways to tell if you are witnessing an individual in the midst of using Snapchat…

You see someone:

  1. Hold their phone obnoxiously close to their face, or, in a slightly elevated manner above their head
  2. Stick their tongue out/purse their lips/make an uncomfortably weird face
  3. Change facial expression rapidly
  4. Lip Sync
  5. Hold a phone not-so-discretely below the waistline
  6. Hold a pose and then start aggressively cracking up to themselves

So what does this mean for the people who use it? Well aside from making complete fools out of ourselves in public, we are becoming addicted to this form of communication through social media that is yet just another mode of avoiding real face-to-face human contact.

This medium of misrepresented realism is a place where advertisers are manipulating consumers through subtle marketing techniques, such as filters that transform your face, or filters with Dunkin’ Donuts cups that might say something like:

We are inadvertently doing the work for these advertising companies, and enjoying it while doing so!

So what to do now? Stop using the app? Of course not, it’s amazing and anyone who’s anyone has an account. But don’t you feel better now knowing what the heck is going on!!!




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