The Dreadful “NESCAC Story”

If you attend a NESCAC school and you own Snapchat, then you’re most likely aware of the infamous “NESCAC Story,” which has been all the rage on campus’ across New England. The NESCAC Story is featured in Snapchat’s “Live” section and is a “Snap Story” compiled of snapchats from various students from different schools. This feature is a fantastic way to enable social cohesion through media across a large area of the United States.

Brian Long ’19, Colby
Daniel Camilletti & Cyrus Veyssi ’17, Tufts

The stories usually include:

  1. Jokes/Memes/Trolling about popular culture
  2. Performances including singing, dancing, acting, rapping, etc.
  3. Embarrassment and/or self deprecation

It started off as a small, new feature that people occasionally watched, and became a phenomenon with people competing to be put on. I mean why not? A chance to be seen by (on average) about 10,000 people at no financial cost to the user and no anxiety of people knowing your name or who you are.

As many people do, my good friends and I will often submit snapchats to the NESCAC story, either as a joke or as a way to promote something. We ended up getting put on quite a few times. Enough times, in fact, that some students on campus posted anonymously through Yik-Yak (essentially an anonymous Twitter) in spite of us.

Source: Photographer, Cyrus Veyssi

Millennials have been taught all their lives to secretly want to be famous. With idols to look up to such as Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana, The Jonas Brothers, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, the list goes on and on. Society should expect nothing less of our age group to want a chance in the spotlight because that is what has been fed to them as being “successful” their entire lives.

Here is a huge generalization to explain what is happening with this Snapchat shiz:

NESCAC students are viscous, fame hungry monsters, who want nothing more than to be featured on the popular NESCAC Snap Story. They will devour friends, family, and even professors to get what they desire, which is to be “liked” by every one.

Of course this isn’t completely true but come on




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