GrubHub Supports both Local and Corporate Companies

GrubHub is an online ordering site (and also an app) that enables users to quickly order from local restaurants at the touch of their fingertips. This is a great website for small cities such as Somerville, MA, whose companies survive off of local residents.

GrubHub, unlike some other food ordering sites, don’t give preference to mainstream restaurants such as Chipotle and Five Guys, but instead promote local, authentic places that offer cultural cuisine at an affordable price.

GrubHub of course needs to pay the bills, so they will often work/collaborate with other brands, such as HBO.

Below is a screenshot from GrubHub’s home page. Notice anything in particular? Still don’t see it? GrubHub has partnered up with HBO NOW to promote both companies. Together, HBO and GrubHub have created a culture of ordering food and watching TV.

This marketing technique will work well for these specific companies because the services they both provide are so intertwined – Dining and Entertainment.


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