For those of you behind on the millennial and Generation X social media lingo, let me fill

you in. There’s no need to feel left out anymore…

1. FOMO = Feeling of missing out

the simpsons simpsons homer simpson marge simpson fomo

2. LOL = Laughing out loud

lol laughing laugh austin powers evil laugh

3. LMAO = Laughing my ass off

fatjewstorytime  drugs lmao lmfao rolling

4. SMH = Shaking my head

americanidol  jennifer lopez american idol nope jlo

5. BTW = By the way

reaction cool way story bill

6. TTYL = Talk to you later

movies bye goodbye clueless alicia silverstone

These are some of the many abbreviated terms that social media users are using to quickly communicate with one another. There is honestly an infinite amount of “digital slang” at this point; it’s impossible to keep up with all of them

In all honesty though, it’s truly quite impressive. Humankind has managed to create yet another language, yet this time it’s in digital form. In fact, this slang language is so valuable that America’s intelligence services have tuned in. Recently, they too have been decrypting this relatively new and evolving language.

The F.B.I. managed to decode this bad boy… IITYWTMWYBMAD = If I tell you what this means will you buy me a drink?

There you go, U.S. tax-payers. You now know where your money is going (haha). But really. Digital language has transcended every aspect of the web. As corporations/brands/advertisements/politicians/actors (i.e. EVERYONE) move online, these decryptions are becoming more and more profitable.


Before you know it, our school’s will be teaching this “slang.”


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