Beyoncé Steals Kardashian’s Moves..


Recent Instagram posts today (from the person who runs Beyoncé’s Instagram for her), reveal Beyoncé’s newest athletic clothing line, “Ivy Park.” Without doing any research whatsoever, I’m going to assume that this is “Beyoncé’s” clothing because (see picture):

Blue Ivy Carter (Source: Pinterest

In case you missed the posts, or don’t know how to “do an Instagram,” then scroll down for some screenshots of the videos, or you can view Beyoncé’s Insta by clicking here:

Essentially, Beyoncé is using a very simple marketing technique that she, along with other mainstream female celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, knows will work because it has been done in the past, and will only become more influential moving forward.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about the classic Beyoncé spontaneous release of content through social media, itunes, Tidal, etc. She literally has the STRONGEST markets at her disposal:

  • Gay men that want to be her
  • Straight men that want to have sex with her
  • Mothers who want to… like IDK… jam out in the car?
  • Old white men for money-making purposes
  • Almost all millennials
  • and Black people, who have to watch their culture be absorbed and exploited by every other social category

Her recent Instagram page generally is only used when Bey is on the prowl and about to drop something hot:

Beyoncé’s Instagram has turned into one of the world’s most visible billboards. The funny thing (not actual ‘HAHA funny’, more like ‘oh….right’ funny), is that most people on Instagram aren’t even aware that Beyoncé is selling things!!!!! Sure, you might be in the know now because I just told you, but think of younger generations who see Beyoncé as one of their personal, social media “friends” on Insta?

Where have we seen this use of Instagram as a medium of advertisement to millennials? Our very own social media queen, KIM!!!

And boy does it work for Kim K, who currently is worth about 50 million dollars.



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