Social Insecurities Feed Smartphone Addiction

One of Apple’s apps that help users monitor how much time they spend on their phone is called, Moment. Moment is a personal app that “tracks how much you and your family use your iPhone and iPad each day, automatically.”


Generally, people want to use apps that better themselves (or make them “better” than other people), but are too lazy to actually keep up with it. Thankfully, Moment does all the work for you! So at the end of the day, when you’re in your bed trying to keep your phone from falling on your face, or on the toilet, checking your feeds until your legs fall asleep, you can easily check how much you’ve used the app.

I used the app for several weeks and found that most users spend a lot of their time not using apps or checking messages, but simply on their home screens. Why? Because of our generation’s constant need for validation and approval. iPhone addicts who get turned on when they clear out the red notifications that fill up our home screens are draining their batteries, and their souls, by waiting for messages or comments that will validate them.

CBC refers to apps like Moment as “Detox Apps,” which are apps that help reduce digital addiction.

“The developer of the app, Kevin Holesh, said he created it for himself because he found he was ignoring his family and friends in favour of his phone. He even admits that he was in denial at first of his own smartphone addiction. “I had a lot of excuses when I first realized my problem.” – CBC


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