Social Media Etiquette for College Students

Just as there is etiquette on how to communicate effectively over email, the same thing holds true for social media. Although we have blurred the lines between private and public in the digital age and there are more apps than ever before to share your life with friends/family, it is important to consider what information you share with the digital world.

Believe it or not there is also different rules for each social media platform. For example, on Instagram it is social suicide to post more than once a day. However, on Snapchat, it’s acceptable to make multiple “My Stories” in day if you feel so inclined.

For all social networks, here are some rules that apply to all mediums…

1. Space out your posts in a day. Don’t just post to post. Post with intent or else you will take over people’s feeds and annoy them…

2. Do not excessively use the hashtag.

3. Don’t sell your brand. Let followers come to you. People don’t want to be told what to do…  Make interactions as natural as possible…

4. Don’t send nudes over seemingly “private” apps like Snapchat without considering whose hands it could end up in the future.

5. Don’t write in the heat of the moment. Try to minimize angry rants on public forums. If anything, write it out first, and if you still feel that way in a week, post it. However, overall, you may end up saying something you regret that you can never take back on the web..



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