(Social Media) Life after Death

You may not know what happens after you die, but take comfort in knowing that at least for  your social media life there is the possibility of a robust digital beyond.

facebook-- death

Whether you want it to or not, life goes on. Take a look at these apps that help you plan your social media presence after death…
  1. Talk about having the last word. Afterwords is a tool for leaving posthumous messages. Just pick a friend to activate your account when you are 6 ft under and let the posting begin.
  2. Or maybe Dead Man’s Switch is more for you… this app (when activated) sends emails for 30 days after you are gone.www.deadmanswitch.org
  3. Dead Social provides a bunch of free tools to help you plan your digital death and create your goodbye. deadsocial.org
  4. Boxego.com is part private journal, part social network, so your friends can share all the things they loved about you.
For those that would die without their facebook and Instagram, well we now have the answer.

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