Sara Weiss: Interview with Resident Kardashian Expert

Hello everyone!

Today we’re conducting an interview with a very special guest. Sara Weiss is the President of Tufts Mock Trial at Tufts University, but above all else–she is an expert on the Kardashians. We asked her about the media trends that the Kardashians have launched or promoted and how they impact us.

1. When did you first meet the Kardashians? Did you like them at first?

I first found out about the Kardashians when I was in 11th grade (2010). I wasn’t super into the Kardashians at first, but as I began bing watching episode after episode, I kind of became obsessed. I hate them as people, but I also love how horrible they are.

2. Do you like them now?

I still LOVE the Kardashians, but I do not love how they ruin every single basketball player that they date or marry. However, my love for the Kardashians waned slightly when Scott Disick and Kourtney broke up. I know Scott isn’t a Kardashian, but he was my favorite.

3. In what ways do you think that they’ve impacted the media or the way that you interpret or use media?

I think they have influenced the way in which people use social media, particularly Instagram. They actually seem to post selfies with new hairstyles or in new locations every week. I think they help set an impossible social media standard, which is part of their brand. My entire trending/news section is filled with either Kardashian drama or basketball, so their news is a constant presence during my social media usage.

4. What are some of the media products that you know they own or promote? Do you use any of them?

I know they own kimojis (because I use them constantly instead of regular emojis). I also know they own the Kardashian game, as well as a bunch of clothing stores, in Miami, the Hamptons, and LA. I’m not really sure what other social media products they are part of, but I know that they promote a lot of fashionable items as part of the lifestyle they are trying to sell.

5. If you could co-release a product with Kim Kardashian that would dominate the market and the masses, what would that product be?

THIS IS SO HARD. I think I would want to release a super exclusive pair of shoes in tandem with Kim Kardashian. I would want them to become the next Christian Louboutin. Maybe they would have a super cool sole? Kardashian themed sole? I don’t know.

Thanks for the interview, Sara. We look forward to the shoe line!


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