“Real” Weight Loss (Scams)

weightloss.pngYou want to have a good bod, but these “weight-loss” companies are made of frauds. I hate to break it to you all, but unfortunately, there is no magic pill or supplement that can instantly trim inches and cut pounds.

However, this hasn’t stopped the mass media from making you believe that you can lose weight, while foregoing a well-balanced diet and exercise. It seems there is a new weight-loss product every day, which presents the same old lies: false statistics, results, case studies, and personal “success” stories.

Attention consumers: don’t buy into this hype.

Here are some classic fraudulent “weight-loss” claims to be weary of…

  • “Get an amazing body without going to the gym.”

When I can get an amazing body without actually having to work for it, CALL ME!

  • “America’s #1 Selling Weight Loss Supplement Brand”

Who voted for this #1 brand…? Because I was never asked what I thought…

  • “Real People. Amazing Results”

…Opposed to fake people?

  • “Lose up to one pound a day with all natural weight loss”

Hmmm… There is nothing natural about losing a pound a day… The CDC says a healthy amount of weight to lose in ONE WEEK is a pound…


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