Snapchat Update!

The newest Snapchat update has allowed users to view Snap Stories in a much easier way!

what omg shocked lucy wut
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You can now SWIPE left and right to view different snap stories, and when one Snap Story ends, the next begins on it’s own! Finally, your Snapchat filled bathroom breaks, and lazy mornings in bed with your phone, require much less “fingering.”

dancing deadpool spiderman
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A simple, yet innovative change that makes it easier on the user’s thumbs, while also making it easier to check-up on your favorite friends. A change that most people would be excited for, right? WRONG!!!!!

Source: Giphy

Users are actually upset with the new change. Several sources on the Tufts campus agree that the new update causes users to inadvertently view a frenemy’s (friend/enemy’s) Snap Story. What Snapchat developers don’t realize, is that many people are inherently forced to be friends with people they don’t really care about, on Snapchat.

Source: Giphy

Dearest Snapchat, how long must we wait before you come out with Snapchat groups, so that our social circles in real life are enhanced and seamlessly integrated through social media?!….. Just a thought.



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