New Media Relationships

What are all of these technologies doing to our relationships? It seems as though everyone and their mother has an opinion on this topic. However, believe it or not, there is very little evidence to prove one argument or the other. It’s a fairly developing field in the sociological world.


There’s no doubt that all of this new media comes with complications, but it’s not necessarily true that our generation has become less sociable. Instead, many sociologists argue that we should be focusing on the quality of our relationships.

Intimacies are being commodified on a grand scale. Dating apps like Tinder and Hinge have managed to monetize our already existing human nature to connect.

But what happens when couples or friends rely on the medium to discuss their feelings or fight in an unhealthy manner?  Then, companies are actually benefitting from our displeasure.

Yes, new media can help maintain relationships, but let’s not lose “touch” with humankind over a “touch phone.”



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