The Power of a ‘Like’

You are what you like and there is real power behind this. We’ve entered a new generation where many teens take to the web to connect with artists, celebrities, movies, brands, and one another.  It’s no longer enough to share your interests with one another by word of mouth. If you “like” something, you may as well not really like it if it’s not on the web. ‘Likes,’ ‘follows,’ and ‘friends’ are the social currency of today’s generation. Some studies have linked an individual’s self-esteem to the amount of likes they receive.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.59.37 PM

Now more than ever, kids are spending more time in digital spaces that they don’t fully understand. For companies, in many cases, your digital self can be more impactful than your real self. Consumers are now on the ground marketers for companies and individuals.

Consume the idea of ‘liking’ carefully. Because this information is more valuable than you think…

Generation Like


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