Citizen War Reporting

Citizen journalism uncovered many dark moments of our culture. The smart phone, for example, enabled millions of people to witness crimes of police brutality and racial profiling. With the development of Montage, war reporting is the latest journalistic beat to be crowd sourced.
Thousands of hours of conflict currently exist on Youtube. Syria’s conflict alone would take 5 years to screen. There are war crimes and human rights violations hidden in this data but without the context of location and time finding them is like searching for a needle in a haystack.
Montage creates contest and allows users to search time and place of the video through video tags. With this lens, users can see the evolution of ISIS troop movements or follow airstrikes and track how towns have survived the conflict.
This tool, created by Google, is the latest example of how technology can amplify truth an enable all of us to have a front row seat to history – even the parts we would rather not see.

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