Dance Culture on Youtube

Within a few months, Youtube has raised the visibility of dance significantly. People are watching more dance videos on Youtube then ever before.

Dance groups such as Royal Family (New Zealand) and Spirit of Color (Tufts) are receiving more views than ever online.

The increased popularity of hip hop/twerk/vogue styles of dancing have taken over Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram. Justin Bieber set the trend when he used the Royal Family dancers as the main music video for his song “Sorry.” The video received over 1 billion views and is still growing!

Other celebrities have followed suit and use dancers (even some of the same ones from Bieber’s video) in videos and performances. In fact, after the Sorry video was released, the very same dancers were hired by Jennifer Lopez, CL, and Rihanna, and the choreographer, Parris Goebell, is now an internationally acclaimed artist. This proves to show that companies pay attention to these cultural trends and decide how to entertain people based on the videos they watch.

Below are a list of videos that have followed this 2016 “dance revolution:”

  1. Sorry by Justin Bieber
  2. Hello Bitches by CL (Performance)
  3. Hello Bitches by CL (Dance Video)
  4. Jennifer Lopez AMA Performance

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